What is e-devlet?

One of the most important technological developments in Turkey is the e-devlet portal, which aims to provide government services faster and more efficiently through the Internet. e-devlet is considered a qualitative shift in the world of public administration, as it contributes to simplifying administrative procedures and providing services in a flexible manner that is available around the clock without the need for personal attendance at government institutions.

The idea of e-devlet is to provide an integrated electronic platform that allows citizens and residents to access various government services via the Internet, whether these services are related to health, education, taxes, or other vital fields. This platform allows users to perform a variety of administrative processes such as submitting real estate applications, paying fees, updating personal data, monitoring the status of their applications, and more, with just a few clicks on a smartphone or personal computer.

The most important advantages of e-government are:

-Convenience and ease: Users can access government services at any time and from anywhere with ease.
-Saving time and effort: e-devlet allows administrative procedures to be completed quickly and without the need to wait in queues or visit –government institutions in person.
-Efficiency and continuous improvement: e-devlet contributes to constantly improving and developing the quality of government services through feedback and reviews provided by users.
-Security and Privacy: e-devlet provides a safe and reliable environment for users to carry out government or real estate transactions without fear of tampering or violating personal data.

In conclusion, e-devlet is an important development in achieving good governance and providing advanced government services available to all. As technological development continues, it is expected that these services will develop and become more widespread and effective in the near future, which will contribute to improving the quality of life and enhancing communication between the government and citizens or foreigners residing in Turkey.